Tithon, under the direction and supervision of pioneers in the field of cell therapies, supported by a distinguished scientific and medical board of advisors, working in collaboration with university researchers and practicing medical specialists, has developed technologies, products, methods, processes and procedures intended to provide safe and effective relief for patients suffering from degenerative conditions, including aging and infertility.

Tithon’s advanced technologies, products, methods, processes and procedures and their use in addressing various degenerative medical conditions are available exclusively through Licensed Clinic Locations throughout the world.


For further information regarding available Tithon technologies, products, methods, processes and procedures, and those degenerative medical conditions that they address, as currently available through Licensed Clinic Locations around the world, please provide us with some information regarding the medical condition for which you are seeking assistance by completing and submitting the following form.

We will contact you as soon as possible to follow-up on your request