Tithon has established proprietary Tithon Regenerative Centres in Melbourne Australia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and plans to open two additional proprietary Tithon Regenerative Centres, one in Alexandroupolis, Greece and one in San Diego, California, USA by the middle of 2017. Each Tithon Regenerative Centre is dedicated to the development and support of carefully selected and qualified Licensed Clinic Locations, each offering one or more of Tithon’s advanced technologies, products, methods, processes and procedures in their practice of medicine. From Tithon Regenerative Centres, physicians and technicians within Licensed Clinic Locations are provided: (i) initial and ongoing training and education regarding regenerative medicine, utilizing Tithon’s advanced technologies, products, methods, processes and procedures; (ii) logistical support for the Tithon consumables provided to Clinic Location Licensees in their geographical continental areas; and (iii) ongoing support to local ongoing research & development programs.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opened June 2016

Alexandroupolis, Greece

Opening November 2016

Melbourne, Australia