Tithon was formed and organized by pioneers in the field of cell therapies to commence the commercialization of recent breakthrough discoveries, following years of dedicated research by Tithon’s research team, in collaboration with university researchers and medical specialists, giving rise to a number of new proprietary technologies, products, methods, processes and procedures (“Tithon’s Technologies”), including:

PTHR-PSC Technology

A method and process for recovering therapeutic quantities of a non-immunogenic parathyroid hormone receptor positive pluripotent stem cell derived from peripheral blood, that exhibits potential in both regenerative and therapeutic procedures in humans.

LMIT Technology

A method and process for recovering paternal Antigens derived from the male partner’s or donor’s lymphocyte membranes for use in increasing female immune tolerance to paternal antigens.

Desense Technology

A method and process for performing antigen-specific immunotherapy as a treatment for many autoimmune disorders.

These Tithon Technologies are utilized in addressing degenerative medical conditions offered through carefully selected Licensed Clinic Locations, each of which has proven capable of providing the highest quality care, supported by rigorous controls, dedication to ongoing training, and supported by a proprietary information system providing ongoing treatment outcome results, critical to advance the benefits obtained through the use of these Tithon’s Technologies.