At Tithon, we are working tirelessly to innovate safe and effective technologies including products, methods, processes and procedures for addressing human degenerative diseases, utilizing newly discovered applications of human cells with the singular objective: to relieve human suffering.

Our technologies, products, methods, processes and procedures, their design and functionality, along with their suggested applications in providing patient care, are based on an understanding and appreciation that our objective can only be accomplished through effective collaboration and cooperation with those highly skilled and caring practitioners, who share our objective.

To this end, we have developed a Clinic Location Licensing program for physicians and clinic organizations engaged in various specialties, which provides not only access to our technologies, products, methods, processes and procedures, but also academic resources, including training and certification in regenerative medicine, along with participation in a proprietary shared patient outcome data base, providing our Clinic Location Licensee’s with shared patient treatment outcome information from practitioners around the world.



Physicians and/or Clinic Groups seeking information regarding the potential licensing of Tithon’s Technologies, Products, Methods, Procedures and Processes may use the following form for entering such enquiries. You may also contact us via email at