At Tithon, we are committed to providing education and resources to patients and the medical community at large with the goal of assisting those suffering from degenerative medical conditions, including anti-aging and infertility.

Tithon’s advanced technologies, products, methods, processes and procedures are based on research undertaken by pioneers in the medical research field, assisted by university researchers and practicing medical specialists. We are committed to developing revolutionary treatment options for those suffering from degenerative medical conditions, options that are both safe and effective.

Tithon has opened its Tithon Regenerative Centers located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Melbourne Australia, through which we license our proprietary technology for use in Licensed Clinic Locations around the world. Each Licensed Clinic Location has been carefully screened and selected based upon proven capability to provide the highest quality care supported by rigorous quality controls, dedication to ongoing training and a proprietary information system providing ongoing procedure results critical in advancing the benefits obtained through the use of Tithon’s technology.




All visitors are welcome to send questions directly regarding degenerative medical conditions, including aging and infertility, and Tithon’s advance technologies, products, methods processes and procedures and their possible use in addressing such degenerative condition by completing and submitting the Medical Condition Enquiry link below.