Lymphocyte Membrane Immunotherapy

Lymphocyte Membrane Immunotherapy Technology (“LMIT Technology”)

Tithon has been granted licenses to market and sell licenses to clinics and medical practices throughout the world (“Licensed Clinic Locations”), the LMIT Technology, including all products, methods, processes and procedures for increasing female tolerance to the male antigen through its proprietary Lymphocyte Membrane Immunotherapy Process (“LMITsm”) offered to fertility physicians for use in treating their patient’s immune response to a male partner’s or donor’s paternal antigens. This is accomplished by obtaining and then isolating lymphocytes from the partner’s or donor’s blood and the membranes are then processed by pulverizing the cells with ultrasound, which also sterilizes the product. The resulting processed lymphocyte membranes are then administered to the female partner through subcutaneous injections of the paternal antigens derived from the male partner’s or donor’s lymphocyte membranes Such process differs from existing Lymphocyte Immunotherapy (LIT) in which live lymphocytes from the male partner or donor are injected subcutaneously into the female, resulting in potential risk from both transmitted disease and/or anaphylaxis.

The LMIT therapeutic lymphocyte immunotherapy procedure is based on research conducted by Tithon’s research team. Such research indicated that females who have reoccurring pregnancy loss have marked changes in IgM and IgG antibodies to HLA131115Ag, as compared to women experiencing successful pregnancy. Further testing confirmed that the same protein, when delivered using Tithon’s lymphocyte immunotherapy from the male partner such as available through the LMIT therapy, increased IVF pregnancy outcome to 60%.


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