About Us


Tithon’s research team, in collaboration with university researchers and experts in various medical specialties has:

  • developed a means to gather a unique pluripotent stem cell from peripheral blood, previously known to exist, but considered not harvestable in therapeutic quantities. We continue to explore ever increasing applications of this unique cell and its regenerative potential including but not limited to applications in treating aging, infertility, diabetes, hair loss, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and erectile dysfunction.
  • undertaken the development of a unique protein that stimulates the expression and activity of cellular telomerase.
  • developed a unique method for recovering and processing paternal antigens for use in increasing female immune tolerance to the paternal antigen, thereby improving the possibility of natural pregnancy.
  • developed processes, procedures, methods, and know-how for performing antigen-specific immunotherapy as a treatment for many autoimmune disorders.


Tithon was organized by pioneers in the field of cellular therapy with the objective of relieving human suffering resulting from degenerative medical conditions, including ageing and infertility, through innovation developed over the years by Tithon’s research team, in collaboration with university researchers and experts in various medical specialties.

  • We possess an independent research team and collaborate with university researchers in the further development and testing of new applications related to our existing products and procedures as well as new innovations.
  • We have developed a Scientific and Medical Advisory Board comprised of leading specialists within various medical fields.



We have opened a Tithon Regenerative Centre and plan to open additional Centres in strategic locations around the world, each dedicated to developing carefully selected and qualified Licensed Clinic Locations, each offering one or more of Tithon’s advanced technologies, products, methods processes and procedures and from which we provide support including training and instruction to medical professionals associated with such Licensed Clinic Locations in the use of Tithon’s technologies, products, methods, processes and procedures.



  • We have developed and we are currently offering an ongoing clinic and medical practice licensing program for physicians around the world, providing them access to our advanced technologies, products, methods, processes and procedures, along with ongoing education and training and access to a global database, providing important patient outcome data, useful in developing effective treatment methods, processes and procedures.