American Academy and Board of Regenerative Medicine announces first International Symposium and Regenerative Medicine Review Course to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, December 17-18, 2016

The American Academy and Board of Regenerative Medicine, a leader in establishing standards and promoting excellence in the field of Regenerative Medicine, providing related education, professional certification, ongoing research and publications, announces its first international symposium and regenerative medicine review course to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on December 17-18, 2016. Attendees will be introduced to some of the top scientists and practitioners in the field of regenerative medicine and given the opportunity to advance their knowledge and skill in the field of regenerative medicine.

Admission and Registration can be arranged through the American Academy and Board of Regenerative Medicine at

About Tithon Human Sciences, Inc. Tithon Human Sciences, Inc. is a California corporation (the “Company”) formed, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Tithon Biotech, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Tithon Biotech”), to undertake the commercialization of certain technologies, including products, methods, processes and procedures, along with related intellectual property, developed by pioneers in the field of cell therapies (collectively the “Tithon Technologies”) to address human degenerative medical conditions, including aging and infertility. The Company has been granted licenses to market and license these Tithon Technologies to clinics and medical practices throughout the world engaged in the treatment of human degenerative medical conditions (“Licensed Clinic Locations”), which it has undertaken through its Tithon Regenerative Centres. Currently, the Company, through its Tithon Regenerative Centres, offers to Licensed Clinic Locations one or more of the following Tithon Technologies: (i) A proprietary method and process for recovering therapeutic quantities of a non-immunogenic parathyroid hormone receptor positive pluripotent stem cells derived from peripheral blood that exhibits potential in both regenerative and therapeutic procedures in humans (the PTHR-PSC Technology); (ii) A proprietary method and process for recovering paternal antigens derived from the male partner’s or donor’s lymphocyte membranes for use in increasing female immune tolerance to paternal antigens (the “LMIT Technology”); (iii) A proprietary method and process for collecting, processing and photo-activating adipose-derived stem cells (the “Adistem Technology”); (iv) A proprietary method and process for performing antigen-specific immunotherapy addressing many autoimmune disorders (the “Desense Technology”); (v) A proprietary method and process for injection of a unique protein that stimulates the expression and activity of cellular telomerase (the “Telomax Technology”); and (vi) A proprietary method and process for promoting new hair growth through the implantation of a small amount of adipose tissue removed from the abdomen, via lipoaspiration, combined with peripheral blood-derived pluripotent stem cells utilizing the PTHR-PSC Technology (the “Trichogenesis Technology”).

These Tithon Technologies are utilised in addressing degenerative medical conditions, including anti-aging and infertility, through carefully selected Licensed Clinic Locations, each of which has proven capable of providing the highest quality care, supported by rigorous controls, dedication to ongoing training, and supported by proprietary information. See


About the American Academy and Board of Regenerative Medicine: The AABRM is a multidisciplinary community of physicians and scientists with a mission to advance the science, technology and practice of Regenerative Medicine to treat disease and lessen human suffering. AABRM advances the specialty of Regenerative Medicine and serves its members. The AABRM provides certifications and standards in the practice of Regenerative Medicine as a medical specialty. The AABRM is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, incorporated under the State of Colorado Non-Profit Corporation Act. See for more information.